Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi children! Here you are a video about all the different objects we can find in the sky. 
There are not only planets and stars. There are also asteroids, comets, nebulas, galaxies, black holes...
For you to understand the video I give you some easy explanations:
  • A nebula is like a lot of gases and dust where the stars born.
  • A galaxy has got lots of different gases and dust, but the difference is that in a galaxy everything is already born (stars, planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, black holes and nebulas) ... so you can find nebulas in a galaxy, but not galaxies in a nebula.
  • A cluster is just a group of the same celestial bodies or celestial objects. If there is a group of stars, it is a star cluster. If there is a group of galaxies, it is a galaxy cluster.  
 And now, ENJOY THE VIDEO!! Ah!! The images are from a very important telescope of the NASA (The Hubble) and the music is from the Spanish musician 'Hevia'!!

Ah!! Did you know that Andromeda Galaxy is our 'neighbour galaxy'?, in other words,it is  the closest one to our galaxy 'the Milky Way'.

1. Pleyades Open Star Cluster
2. Abell 370 Galaxy Cluster (Gravitational Lens)
3. NGC 4291 Spiral Galaxy
4. Comet Holmes Core Close-Up
5. Fomalhaut (Blue Star) & Fomalhaut B (Extrasolar Planet)
6. Veil Nebula (Supernova Remnant)
7. NGC 4522 (Spiral Galaxy)
8. NGC 2628 (Spiral Galaxies on a Collision)
9. NGC 3603 (Open Star Cluster)
10. Andromeda Galaxy Core and Black Hole Enjoy it!!

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