Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hello chidren!

Here I send you a video about the Solar System. 
Look carefully how we can see the different distances between the planets and also the different sizes of them.

Remember that we divide the Solar System in two parts: The  INNER Solar System and the OUTER Solar System. In this way we find thet Mercury, Venus, Earth & Mars are in the INNER SOLAR SYSTEM (nearer to the sun) and   Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune are in the OUTER SOLAR SYSTEM (further from the sun). Fortunately or unfortunately, now Pluto is considered as one of the DWARF PLANETS in 'our house' due to its characteristics, not as a 'standard planet' as it was just few years ago. (Scientists are still on researches), but with the rest or other dwarf planets, as the MAKE MAKE it is still in our Solar System, not out of it.

Enjoy the video!! 


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